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  1. Hi I recently purchased the 100-400 lens for my Fuji XT3 along with the 1.4tc Having given myself a few weeks to get used to using a longer lens and watching numerous online videos I'm now starting to wonder if I have a dodgy lens. 95% of images (birds, squirrels mainly) are far from sharp and I've become really disappointed with performance. I have tried:- TC on and off (no real difference) AFS AFC M with focus assist IOS on/off continuous,/on shooting UV filter on and off Tripod v Handheld Mech shutter / electronic shutter I've been a hobby photographer for 25+ years so don't think it's me (to be honest I'd be pleased if someone could show me if I was going wrong. Always shooting at 1/500 or above. Even at 1/4000 I get the same issues so don't think it can be a movement issue. The images I see posted using this lens are a million miles away from what I get and having spent a lot of money I'm desperate to get some advice. I would really appreciate your thoughts
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