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  1. Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it. So I had a little extra money to spend and decided to order the X-t4, hopefully will be here tomorrow. I was a little unsure if $2199 CAD pricetag was justified since I already own a capable video machine in the x-t30 but based off the way you're describing the footage your getting from handheld b-roll, I'm feeling more excited about it now. I'm also considering purchasing the 16mm f1.4, do you have that lens? If so how do you like it for video?
  2. I currently have a Fuji X-t30 with the Ronin SC gimbal and I'm considering upgrading to an X-t4. I mainly shoot video and so far I'm really enjoying the Camera and the Fujifilm system. I'm just wondering if ibis and some more advanced video features are worth the upgrade. If anyone has made the switch let me know your thoughts.
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