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  1. Deleting the app, pairing, etc was only a temporary fix for me. It did fix the problem at first but then it started not connecting again. What seemed to really help was going into the iPhone's WiFi settings, clicking on the FUJI-XT-XXX camera network, then turn off "Private Address." That feature generates a random MAC Address for your phone every time you connect to the network, and my guess is that the Fuji app/WiFi connection is dependent on the MAC address staying the same. Once I turned that feature off my connection has been very reliable. I believe this private address feature was introduced in iOS 14, and it seems that everyone having trouble with the app is on 14.
  2. Thank you both for the replies. I appreciate you taking the time to replicate the issue on your cameras. It makes me feel more comfortable to know that it's something inherent to the camera and not a defect (unless we all have defective cameras lol).
  3. Hi all, Weird issue on my X-T4. I hear a "thud" noise under certain circumstances that I believe is the IBIS mechanism. Can anyone see if their camera does the same? Hold the camera in portrait orientation with the shutter button at the top. Click the play button to review images. Once in review mode, half-press the shutter button to get back to shooting mode. When I do this, I hear a pretty substantial click/thud noise from the camera. If I hold the camera in portrait orientation with the shutter button at the bottom, the sound doesn't happen. It also doesn't happen when holding the camera in landscape orientation. Not sure if this warrants sending the camera in or not. Thanks Mike
  4. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I've had my silver X-T4 since May 12th. While I am very happy with the photo and video quality that it can produce, I have to say that I am quite disappointed by the build quality. I've been a die-hard Fujifilm shooter since the X100 came out. I got that, then the X100S, then the X-T2 when they all came out brand new. I was very excited for IBIS and 4k60 video in one body from the Fuji so I jumped on the X-T4. Going from the X-T2 to the X-T4 seems like a huge downgrade in terms of build quality. The top dials and command dials all feel cheaper and looser. The shutter button is mushy and loose. The screen flip-out hinge seems incredibly weak. And also the bottom "metal" plate already has a bunch of scuff marks and dings in it. It almost looks as bad as my 4'ish year old X-T2 and I've had it for a little more than a week. Is anyone else experiencing the same build quality issues? I can't imagine that all of these issues are just my copy of the camera.
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