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  1. I reinstalled the firmware, and the problem with Face Detect has gone away. When taking pictures of people going about their daily lives—so-called street photography—there isn’t time for manual focus. Without Face Detect, autofocus will latch onto something sharp, like a belt buckle. For me it is not a gimmick, but a necessity.
  2. Since the last firmware update to v.1.02, face detection has not been working properly on my X-T4. It activates only occasionally, and then jumps around. I've tried it with the XF35 F2 and XF16-80 F4, and experienced the same problem with both lenses. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  3. I have "Auto-Transfer" turned on in Cam Remote, but I’m able to import jpegs from my X-T4 to my iPhone 11 only on a batch basis, and only after a long and tortuous process for each batch. After each transfer, I have to turn the camera off, and then on again if I want to take more pictures. Ideally, I’d like the jpegs to transfer in the background while I shoot. Is that possible, or is it too much to expect?
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