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  1. Hi I'm Jake. Prior Canon shooter dating back to the original Rebel, 20D, and 5D. I've been a long time fujirumors viewer and finally bought the XT-4. Waiting on it to deliver soon. Located in US and I'm starting back up in the photog world. In the past, I would take my camera along with me on business trips, traveling 270 days out of the year. Since that all stopped, I stopped taking photos unless if it were through my phone. I'm excited to get back into it again... will be cool to see the new technologies out there.
  2. I just purchased the new XT-4. For the bag, I selected the Manfrotto Advanced II Gear Backpack for its medium size and ability to hold a laptop. I was previously considering the Canon backpack, as I had that previously for a DSLR. It was great and it had folds which helped deter water from entering the compartments. But the main downside is that it didn't hold a laptop. If not for that requirement, I would have selected the Canon Backpack again. Both are less expensive, doesn't scream camera bag, and they work.
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