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  1. Hi, i have bought a Takuma lens, and I need an adapter. I see that the K&F high precision adapter is for the pro 1 and pro 2, but does it also for for the pro 3? Has anyone experience with a Takuma 50 mm 1.4 on a pro 3? Rolf
  2. Hi I am new here. I have a x100T and I want to change my focal length. To come a bit more close to the people. What tot do? I can buy a used x pro 1 and a 35 MM. Or a teleconverter for the x100? Or I can sell the 100T and buy a new 100 V? What tot do? And I read a lot about the nice colors of the x-pro 1 and also of course that it is a slow focus. But I think I don't mint...
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