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  1. Have you tried pressing 'OK' after pressing the playback button and switched the slot the camera is trying to read from?
  2. I prefer to use separate audio when recording with my X-Pro2. You can use a 2.5mm-3.5mm headphone jack adapter and use an external recorder like a Tascam DR60D MkII, or mic adapter like a Beachtek DXA-MICRO-PRO PLUS to plug into the camera's mic input; but in my experience the camera's auto gain control (AGC) even set to 1 always spikes up the volume in silent parts (i.e. recording interviews with lulls in between Q&A) which creates an audible hiss in the recording. I end up just using a sound recorder with sound fed back into the X-Pro2 and using that sound for reference to sync up the video with the externally recorded audio in post-production.
  3. I had the same issue about two years ago, where I went to get my X-Pro2 from my bag and found my X-Pro2 missing its eye cup. A call to Steve at the Edison, NJ repair location fixed the issue. He just mailed me a replacement cup at no charge. FUJIFILM North America Corporation1100 King Georges Post RoadEdison, NJ 08837 Phone: 800-800-3854, option # 2
  4. I have an Elgato HD60 S+ that I use to capture the output from my X100F. You must be in Movie mode in order to get the full resolution. An interesting note is that the digital tele-converter does not work in HDMI output mode. OTHERWISE, the following will happen. If you are in the wrong mode, you will get a lower res output. Similarly, the viewfinder overlay will show up if you put something in near the eye sensor, this can be avoided by turning off all of the overlay items in the menu via WRENCH -> SCREEN SET-UP -> DISP. CUSTOM SETTING -> EVF/LCD; unfortunately, when the micro-HDMI is plugged-in, you can't disable the eye-sensor so it will always show unless you turn off the overlay items or just don't go near the eye sensor. Note: when the micro-HDMI cord is plugged in, the read/write LED will turn solid green when it recognizes an HDMI device. Interestingly, when the micro-HDMI cord is plugged-in, you cannot toggle off the LCD's info overlay using the DISP/BACK button like you could when the micro-HDMI cord is not plugged-in. Another oddity is that you can use the hybrid OVF (when you select VIEWFINDER ONLY view mode) with the micro-HDMI plugged-in, and the signal you'll get will show the usual overlay and you can even toggle the Electronic rangefinder (ERF) window. But, I don't really see an application for this.
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