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  1. After several series of focus stacking with a motorized macro rail, my xt2 stopped firing. Only the first picture of the sequence is taken... after that the body locks into focus mode, even though no focus command is sent. I observe the same behaviour when i manually short the leads at the end of the cable : after first contact closure on focus lead, focus mode stays on even upon contact opening. Closing the release lead takes one picture, but after that focus control locks on. Further release contact closures take also pictures, which is not the case with the electronic control box, I suspect it's a matter of current drained through the circuitry. Same test performed with my xt20 works fine. I suspect there is a short circuit inside the body of the xt2, which activates when the 2.5 mm minijack is inserted. Any idea / experience welcome. Regards
  2. Same issue here with my xt2 that reacts abnormally to focus/shutter control . I suspect a short circuit between focus and shutter when the 2.5mm jack is engaged. Focus react when contact shuts buf stay engaged after contact release
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