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  1. Probably you have already figured out the solution, but I noticed that al the film simulations loose a stop or so of light so you will have to have a lot more light. Also - what if you set DR at 100? I think you may be causing issues using DR - maybe do a test at 100 with lots of ight and also compare to flog at iso800 and see if the issue is the simulation for the exposure and DR you have selected. BTW can you look at my post and maybe help with Ninja V sample?
  2. I can't get goood 4K results out of the XT-3 recording internally (4K DCI flog any frame rate) and Fuji will not provide any fixes or support. Basically the frame rate quality is very poor for any lateral motion in frame - making it unusable. I mean you could never submit a short to a festival shot on this My only other option is to purchase Atomos Ninja V and record externally - but I don't trust any of the vendors anymore - if you look at Atomos suer groups - they claim several features of Ninja V don't work for certain cameras - HDR, log recorded versus displayed with LUT, fan noise, etc. I am not in a location where I can buy and return or rent. So I need to know before I buy that it will work and not be way under specification like the internal recording. Does anyone in this forum use Ninja V with XT-3 - ideally 4K DCI 10 bit 4:2:2 flog externally recorded. Can you share some footage or do quick test of traffic (cars or moto or even people walking) moving laterlly across frame? I assume the internal codec / processor is the issue and that Ninja V should do great job (excepting fan noise and flog preview issues plus hdr not being supported if I wanted to record HLG). In mu other post you can see 5 seconds or so of problem footage - but as I mentioned it is for any lateral motion faster than a snail. Thanks for any assistance
  3. I have longstanding issue with my Fuji XT-3 and I am unable to get any support. I have tried JApan support - but get response to talk to US support. When I reach out to US support I get response to call 800 number even though I have stated several times that I am in Asis and unable to call US 800 numbers. None if the Fuji Asia support centers support English or have been instructed to always refer back to country of purchase. Does nyone have a direct number for US Fuji support? That is not the 800 number (but may be go to same queue)? Is it typical for Fuji to not respond? I initially reported the issue over 6 months ago while in US to both US and Japan sites - only Japan responded and said they would have engineer look at - but then that never continuted and now they also say contact US. Asking in lens forum as it seems to have the most activity and is the most generic.
  4. Obviously I don't have documentation for Fuji internal configuration of its video encoders for X-T3, but looking at a reference h.265 implementation manual, it seems rate distortion is a parameter used to increase compression at the cost of video frame rate distortion - namely jumpy video. https://x265.readthedocs.io/en/default/cli.html#mode-decision-analysis I find that 60fps 4K DCI 10bit 4:2:0 hevc long gop max bitrate is unusable because it is way too jumpy; 50 fps 4K DCI 10bit 4:2:0 hevc long gop max bitrate almost tolerable but does not look professional when object moving side to side with even moderate speed look like you selected the wrong shutter agle (I didn't) or it is dropping frames (I don't think it is). Even at 23.976 or 24 or 25 I still notice it sometimes - which doesn't make sense since the available bit rate is so much higher at the lower frame rates. I tried asking Fuji and they said they looked at the video (and they were engineers not tier one help desk) and said they would have another group get back to me but have had no response for several months. My guess is that the rate distortion quality setting is too aggressive. I have not tried external recording 10 bit 4:2:2 - maybe someone can confirm that the behavior disappears if the camera is not actually recording just passing through? I am especially interested in 4K DCI 10 bit 4:2:2 external 50 frames per second (I plan to post to 25fps - but as mentioned I notice this in all frame rates). It is frustrating that they got so close to perfect value priced high quality cinema camera except for this behavior. I am attaching a link to a small clip where you can see the traffic is jumpy left to right but not into camera - presumably these exercise different limits of the encoder - one causing rate distortion to fit within the bit rate available. On the other hand it could also be that the Fuji engineers just left the parameter at a default setting (28?) that does a very bad job and could have set it lower and still fit within the bit rate available. But I am just guessing since I don't have access to any of the Fuji codec docs or parameters used Does the Medium Format camera have same issues for 4K DCI video? At all frame rates? Attached via link are two very short examples - but it doesn't matter if camera is on tripod, handheld, etc - always this jumpy motion for lateral movement. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4zaekotof54zxna/AABnVnXGpHbpimwvhWwJO2zQa?dl=0 Thanks
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