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  1. My external monitor is set to FHD. When I'm reviewing footage on my external monitor while it's plugged into camera, the quality and the color is correct. LUTs appear as they do on my computer, etc. When I'm recording footage or in standby mode, my external monitor's quality is reduced and isn't as good. Why is that? That means that auditioning LUTs on the external monitor isn't really a 1-to-1. It also means that focus assist and peaking isn't correct either. Punching in yields an extremely soft image in certain situations. I can punch in on the playback video and it's sharp as a tack. Super weird. I've turned off HDMI Info Display, which has made it a little better, but it's still soft and not color accurate. So I'm guessing this is some kind of setting that I need to change? Or a massive flaw in the Fuji XT3? Would forcing the EDID to 4k help? The external monitor can receive 4k but for some reason the Xt3 is throwing the settings mismatch error if I set it to 4k via the XT3 menu settings. Any help here would be massive!
  2. @Joshem888 is correct, when you shoot VIDEO and use the EXIFTOOLm, you only get the type of white balance you used, not the actual K value.
  3. As far as I know, this isn't possible I agree that it would be a good feature. I use an external monitor for this, but that has some problems, too. Posting about that in another thread. SD and HDMI are both set to FLOG and then I have a bunch of LUTS (including ETERNA) on my external monitor.
  4. Can report I was looking for the same thing and this solved it. Needed video metadata from files I shot on my XT3. I wanted to find out the ISO of some previously ingested video files. The Exif tool told me what I wanted to know. If only this info showed up in Premiere!
  5. I know that I can get a ninja or another external recorder, and while that's a great option - spending the money to do that right now isn't an option. I have a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini, so hypothetically I could use that. Just plug in the HDMI into my XT3 and plug the recorder into my computer. Is there any recording limitation if I use that device? Assuming I use plug in power, obviously.
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