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  1. I had this happen, and its the first quirk I've found on my new XPro-2. Shooting some test images, and decided to pull card #1 and view on my PC. All was well, everything very nice, blew me away with the colors and tonalities. I put the card back in the camera, and shot a few more tests. Went to look at them in the camera, it says "no card". Pulled the card, replaced #2 into #1 slot. Same thing. Put #1 in #2 slot, same thing. Should have been images on both cards. Very nervous at this point, I pulled the battery from the XPro-2 and put it back in. Everything worked fine. Both cards read, all images accounted for. Any thoughts on this? I'm thinking maybe I should have double checked that: a) the camera was off before pulling the card, and b) I did an "eject" from Windows before pulling the card from the PC Other than those basics... I'm clueless
  2. I'm a new XPro2 user, read up plenty about the eyecup. Apparently, what some outfits in the Fuji distribution network are doing is replacing the entire eyepiece assembly, along with the eyecup. You can get a replacement on Amazon, a pair for about $12-15, by JJC. Dunno how good they are, and folks report those popping off too, so its a definite glue-job to have it stay put. I will say that my recent XPro-2 seems to have a really "hard rubber" eyecup ring, with very little give, and I'm hoping it lasts. I might have to get a bit improvisational if it doesn't. Maybe check with Fuji in your geographic area (aka N.A., various European areas, etc) to see what they're replacing, and to see if the cup has indeed been "improved".
  3. Just wanted to drop in, say hello, partake of discussion perhaps, gain some insight for sure. Me: Thoroughly embedded in Florida swampland. Lost my Leica M's and lenses to a nasty split, so I'm rethinking rangefinder/viewfinder cameras, with recent XPro-2 acquisition. Mostly shoot social events these days, occasionally birds and wildlife with the long lenses on EOS bodies. Social events being mostly "motorcycle" related, aka Daytona, Leesburg, etc etc. An ol' fart, been shooting for 55 years plus. Yah, I'm old, because I started in my teens, but I ain't slowed down yet. That's about it really...!
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