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  1. Many thanks for your reply Olaf, that's very helpful. Best regards, Neil
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm not new to photography, I've shot DSLRs for many years..but recently dipped my toe in to mirrrorless with a XT-100 and XC 15-45. The reasons are many but I wanted a much ligter set-up for holidys and travelling. I have no plans to yet to swap systems, but can see the Fuji being my walkaround and holiday equipment So far, I'm very pleased with the RAW files and image quality, but the XT-100 is quite a step away from a pro-DSLR body and I'm already thinking of a second Fuji body to give me the features (at at least quicker access to the features) There are good deals on the XT-10....which looks a step up in terms of body...but would there be any point in this type of 'upgrade'?...or should I just get XT-30 or X-T2 etc...? Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. Neil
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