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  1. The answer is to use a proxy workflow
  2. I am yet another person with a problem. I setup both wireless communication and bluetooth when I got my XT30 in February - since then I have updated the camera's firmware and my phone to ioS14 now neither work. I have updated the Fuji App on my phone. Still nothing. Given that I have just brought a replacement Amazon Firestick and it worked out of the box and with minimal trouble and it also controls the volume on my TV, I am highly unimpressed with Fuji. Come on Fuji this is pretty terrible its 2020, we should not be having problems.
  3. Have Fuji forgotten the XT30? The XT3 got an update that allowed it to be used as a web cam, its just had another update to upgrade its focus performance to XT4 levels. I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed with Nikon or gone for a Sony. Having said that, Fuji's own XS-10 looks great. Why would anyone buy an XT30 now? it seems suddenly very old and unattractive.
  4. For comparison https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-t30-review/6 Try comparing images from the Nikon D3200
  5. Hi Jezzockthelad, I followed the same upgrade path as you. I've just been comparing some wedding party shots taken on my Nikon at ISO3200 to some shots taken recently on my Fuji at ISO5000. I'm very surprised you are disappointed.
  6. I've had this problem too. Fuji really need to look at PC Auto save. Its incredibly slow, unreliable and buggy.
  7. Quick un researched idea. Put it on 1080p rather than 4K?
  8. When I first got my XT30 I had the Q button problem, but I refused to have a useless button on my camera and have just learnt to avoid hitting it all the time. I've updated to 1.02 and I think they have added a slight delay, in that the button must be held down for a few micro seconds before it activates the Q menu. In any case I no longer have the problem.
  9. Hi Robin, welcome to this very quiet space 😶
  10. I want a 70-200. Should I go for a XF55-200 or a XC50-230. I can afford either. I prefer the build quality of the XF lenses, but would this lens be too heavy when used on the tiny body of an XT30?
  11. It would be very inconvenient to move the workstation down stairs to the router. It works fine remote accessing Avid media Composer workstations, so I'm sure just a simple thing like downloading a few pictures should be no problem via wifi. I'm still using pcautosave occasionally, but just for JPEGs. Still rather slow, and it crashed again yesterday.
  12. XT30 running 1.10 - PC connected via Wifi, only one router - Virgin Super hub 3 VMDG505. PC Auto save running on CAD Workstation - i7 9700K CPU - NVIDIA Quadro P1000 - 32GB RAM - 512 GB M.2
  13. It seems I am far from alone in having problems with PC auto save https://www.fujix-forum.com/threads/speed-of-pc-autosave.77392/
  14. Latest generation of Virgin router, New workstation PC i7, 8 cores. Windows 10.
  15. About 4 minutes transfer time per raw image. The last time I used it the camera crashed after a few images. The crash was so bad that even the on/off switch didn’t work and I had to remove the battery.
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