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  1. Well, I sent the camera to Fuji UK. I got a text to confirm that they had received it. Later that day I got another text to say it had been despatched. I had paid an extra £10 for a quick turn round, but even so, I am impressed. The Camera looks like its been ultrasonically cleaned. The on/off switch and shutter release are now perfect, but all the other controls feel better too. So even though I don't think it should have gone wrong in the first place, and I got no refund, I'm happy. Went out in the fog this morning and got some great shots - love the Fuji Magic
  2. Thinking about it, maybe I should pay the money and send my camera off to Fuji. Maybe they will refund me.
  3. Although I have not mis treated the camera in any way the on/off switch and shutter release on my XT30 has recently become very stiff and unpleasant. Fuji Want £130 to fix it. Googling the problem, it seems to be quite common on Fuji cameras. That being so, I think it should be fixed free of charge. What do you think?
  4. The reason I posted is because I see the 10 minutes limit posted many times and in many reviews as a reason not to buy an XT30, but in reality a 10 minute shot in video terms is an eternity and is absolutely not a reason to avoid the XT30. In the vast majority of cases there is utterly no reason to shoot continuously and most people will get a better result from "running and gunning". However, no more posts on this subject. If you really want to discuss long recordings, please go ahead.
  5. The OP is wanting to shoot a wedding, I was offering a simple, cheap, solution to the overheating problem.
  6. I've shot loads of wedding on my XT30 and never come close to the 10 minute limit. Decide on the video shots you NEED, nail them. Get the sound on a separate audio recorder, you probably need a gimbal.
  7. I have nothing to do with this person, but I think his videos' are fantastic for us Fuji Film people. He covers all those things you can't be bothered to work out for yourself, well worth subscribing.
  8. https://fujiaddict.com/2021/01/27/new-firmware-updates-for-fujifilm-x100v-x-t30-and-x-pro3-coming-in-february/ Great news that we can use our XT30's as web cams but a pity that they don't appear to be updating the autofocus to be in line with that on the XT3.
  9. I tend to think Jezzocthelad does not really own an XT30. Surely he would have been back here, and maybe posted a few examples. Lens choice is irrelevant. The low light/high ISO performance of the XT3/30 is massively superior to that of the Nikon 3200. Not surprising, the sensor is about 3 generations younger.
  10. The answer is to use a proxy workflow
  11. I am yet another person with a problem. I setup both wireless communication and bluetooth when I got my XT30 in February - since then I have updated the camera's firmware and my phone to ioS14 now neither work. I have updated the Fuji App on my phone. Still nothing. Given that I have just brought a replacement Amazon Firestick and it worked out of the box and with minimal trouble and it also controls the volume on my TV, I am highly unimpressed with Fuji. Come on Fuji this is pretty terrible its 2020, we should not be having problems.
  12. Have Fuji forgotten the XT30? The XT3 got an update that allowed it to be used as a web cam, its just had another update to upgrade its focus performance to XT4 levels. I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed with Nikon or gone for a Sony. Having said that, Fuji's own XS-10 looks great. Why would anyone buy an XT30 now? it seems suddenly very old and unattractive.
  13. For comparison https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-t30-review/6 Try comparing images from the Nikon D3200
  14. Hi Jezzockthelad, I followed the same upgrade path as you. I've just been comparing some wedding party shots taken on my Nikon at ISO3200 to some shots taken recently on my Fuji at ISO5000. I'm very surprised you are disappointed.
  15. I've had this problem too. Fuji really need to look at PC Auto save. Its incredibly slow, unreliable and buggy.
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