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  1. Hi John, Just a thought - - what lens are you using? Can you provide a photo sample or a few where this is an issue? Might suggest a new post for this. I am actually considering purchasing a Fuji (and the XT20!) but I know from my own experience, that sometimes info received on the photography forums has been very helpful at troubleshooting and providing a solution for you. All the best!
  2. Thank you Rob and Jerry! I really appreciate your time and feedback! Yes, the T-4 with weather sealing tempts too (not sure if I have enough pennies in my piggy bank for it ) I hope you can add that 8 - 16 to your bag! All the best, Annie
  3. I do not own Fuji, but read that the card should be cleared of whatever is on through formatting it before loading firmware; I am just mentioning as I firmly (pardon the pun!) put that in my memory bank regarding the camera: https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/procedure_interchangeable.html
  4. Hi! I am considering upgrading my camera (currently own the Canon Rebel SL1) and the X-T3 / X-T30 are two of my top choices right now. I am a landscape/travel photographer aiming to be more "professional" in my photography. I have only used DSLR for 4 years and have much yet to learn creatively. I just love the detail and sharpness I get from these cameras (using the 18 - 55 F32.8-4 lens) at least through quick demos. That said, I did encounter a few issues in demo'ing (separate thread) but those issues appear to be settings issues. I have read online of issues with the camera, but realize this may be atypical or due to user settings/inexperience with the camera, etc. If you have owned one of these cameras for awhile, how has your shooting experience been? Have you enjoyed shooting with the camera? Encountered recurring issues with the camera, resolved or not through firmware updates or settings changes? Would you recommend your camera to someone else or buy it again if you had a choice? If not, why not? Thank you so much and all the best! Annie
  5. I have slight hand shake due to an injury. I currently own a Canon Rebel SL1 (not stabilized) with a 24 MM F2.8 stabilized lens.which offers up to 4 stops of image stabilization (IS). Even with that, I found ways to minimize/eliminate shake , because I found, I tend to move more than I realize - I need to be very aware of my body and what I am doing when I shoot. I am a landscape / travel photographer and find things to lean against (trees, poles, etc), put my camera on (rocks, branches, sign posts, walls...), and also - as others suggest - found ways to hold the camera to minimize shake. It can take some experimentation to see what works best in holding a camera. And it works! For me too, setting the shutter over 125 also hopes. I found anything under that with my Canon might result in blurry images. Keep in mind too, that aperture under about F/8 or so may look like it is blurred in areas but can be just depth of field. I am upgrading my camera set up and image stabilization is important. I liked Olympus cameras or Panasonic/Lumix which offer stabilized cameras which folks can rave about. I was really impressed with the OMD M-5 from Olympus for the stabilization. That said, I demo'd the XT30 and XT3 and found it very stabilized through lens stabilization. What sells the camera for me is the incredible amount of detail throughout the image that II can get and the stabilization. Of course I shot a photo of someone while moving and it blurred, but that was to be expected since i was moving. Check photo below. I only decreased the size of it. This was just a quick demo with the 18-55 F2.8-4 lens. That detail, even in darker areas, sells me with this camera. Last I would say go to a camera store and demo. Keep in mind though when demo'ing that the settings the camera is at may not be what you need not bring out the full capabilities of the camera (happened to me quite a bit when demoing). As you learn a camera and its functions/capabilities, you will get better. I suggest you mention the type of photography you want to do, mention the hand shake issue, and ask the salesman/saleswoman to set the camera for your needs. You might want to review the images with them too so they can explain why an image might look the way it does. All the best! Annie
  6. Thank you, Greybeard, Jerry, and Bergat! This all makes sense to me. I thought it was likely a settings issue. Demo'ing at a store when I haven't learned the camera yet may be less helpful than helpful I have been learning due to not knowing the camera settings and how to take advantage of the features and functions of the camera to maximize image quality. It's good to know there is such a helpful Fuji community should I buy the XT3 (if price goes down after the XT4 goes on sale) or the XT30 (but I think I really want the weather sealing!) Thank you! All the best to you! Annie
  7. Bergat, thank you. The camera had to be set to JPEG only, so I do not have the raw file, unfortunately. (I was demo'ing in a store) Jerry, thank you. I believe the camera was set to aperture priority/automatic by the store manager, so wouldn't the camera had adjusted ISO on its own? Sorry, I was at the store and do not yet know the camera. Typically I set aperture and ISO manually (on the camera I currently own) and would have done as you suggested. But I would think if the camera is on automatic (if it was?) then it would have adjusted the settings. The one time I looked at the exposure meter within the viewfinder, it was at 0 so I would infer that meant the settings were correct for exposure (?). Thank you, both! Annie
  8. Hi! I am considering the Fuji XT30 or XT3. Some of the images I have taken with the camera are amazing in the detail that is captured! Just love it! However, I had some issues as shown in the 2 photos below. I had asked the store manager to set the camera for landscape so the shots are at a small aperture. In the first photo, I was leaning against a wall, focusing on the bush. Any thoughts on why the bush is not in focus? It appears the focus is on the building beyond....(I had to decrease the image size of the photo but no other changes were made). Also, why is the photo underexposed (the exposure meter in the viewfinder was at 0 when I did chance to look so I would expect correct exposure)? Will the XT30 have the same issue ? Specs: F11 1/200 second Metering: Average Aperture Priority 55 MM (from the 18-55 F.28-4 lens) In the 2nd photo, I was receiving an error message in the viewfinder "AF!" (in red) I do not understand why the camera could not focus on anything. I lowered myself (vs standing straight up) and the camera was able to auto focus. I thought there was enough in the image to focus on - it was not dark, just overcast. Any thoughts on why I received the error? Thank you so much and all the best! Annie
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