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  1. Hello Hermelin, No offense meant but did you ever have a critical look at your own photos....? I’m sorry, but I’d say that is is exactly what you’re doing yourself: you point the camera at random street “scenes” and post them here. I don’t see big stories in your pictures either.
  2. Sorry no offense meant - but what is this?
  3. "Spectre" Double-exposure (in-camera), England 2016
  4. Pssssssssst...! (City of Ipoh, Malaysia)
  5. Sleepers in Metropolis (Malaysia, June 2015)
  6. Please, can anybody tell me how I can upload bigger pictures from my iPad? The ones that are generated by the device look pretty bad because they have not more than around 120KB..... Thanx a lot in advance!
  7. Kuala Lumpur is a really fascinating city.. But what I really don't get is: who's buying all these crappy designer goods. The whole city seems to be one big shopping mall...
  8. Walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur just 3 days ago, so I could develop the pics only incamera and on my iPad...
  9. Hi, I think I got the point already at first sight. Nice idea! But still I think that the pictures are not really interesting or well done. Sorry - no trolling but that's simply how I see these pics. I think there should still be some kind of story (e.g. people acting like monkeys themselves or eating like a pig.). But here - in my eyes - it's just pictures of people outside the fence that you can find in thousands of family albums or Facebook pages... But I'm totally with you when it comes to criticize zoos. That's why I never visit them. And by the way: how can I not post all the pictures when I just want to reply? I didn't find the right button. Cheers HArry
  10. Hi, sorry but I don't get the point. Why did you poste these pics? Looks just like snapshots from the zoo... I miss something special, an interesting composition or a situation with some content. Greetings Harry
  11. Hi, nice thread you started here! In my opinion this pic is not entertaining or funny at all but rather alarming. I shot to in Berlin at the Holocaust Memorial and these fellas were simply ignorant to where they were shooting their silly holiday shots grinning and making funny faces. I'd say even sitting in top of these steles should be considered inappropriate.
  12. Alice in Wonderland, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  13. This woman was constantly weaving while she was hiking along the Marka valley in Ladakh (14mm/2.8)
  14. Help, can anyone tell me how to poste better looking pictures here in the forum? On my computer the results are much more vivid and cleaner.
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