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  1. Done, Don't forget to share the results on FR too! So that it gets maximum visibility for Fuji
  2. Been taking pictures for the last 40 years, I went through my share of bodies from different makers Konica, Pentax, Nikon for the last 16 years and I left completely for Fuji 2 years ago when I decided that I was more fighting against Nikon's engineers rather than concentrating on light, composition and subject. Fuji let's me quickly override what the engineers have decided : it collaborates with me rather than fighting with me and that is a huge bonus. I have had my share of problems with the different brands of both bodies and lenses, sometimes Nikon made a blunder on new bodies/lens/flash and never stepped up to acknowledge the facts (which Fuji did). All in all so far I have had far less issues with Fuji products than with any other brands, which is quite good considering that the more electronics is put inside these beasts the more trouble you're going to get with hardware and software. And more importantly the quality of the image I get from the combination of Fuji bodies and lenses pleases me a lot, so what's not to like ?
  3. To KR credit, he knows how to reorganise the marketing documents and reorganise them in a fairly standard way, allowing for an easy specs comparison; if that is if any interest, between reviews. but looking at his images, I suspect he is color blind or something closely related . as he puts it "New is that we can set the saturation over a broader range, giving me even brighter colors in my JPG images, which I like." As they are his people images are making my eye water, but may be it i just me
  4. Hi there, Didiergm here, from France, a non-gifted amateur who insists on taking images in the hope that sometimes a couple of them will be pleasant enough to be printed, framed and put up on the wall. I started this journey in the mid 70's when my grandfather passed away and I discovered his old camera and home made (!) enlarger (he was an engineer) so I basically could setup my own dark/wet room for next to nothing. So I learned by myself (and some books!) the art of turning a black ribbon of acetate into an image on paper, using some obscure chemical process (not to mention a good dose of black magic); That was both fun and fascinating. Then I grew up had other interest in life and no space for a darkroom anymore so by the mid 80's my camera was not used anymore. So I forgot all about photography (even though I, quite ironically was head of computer software development for a large stock photography agency, based in the UK!) , until about 2006 where I bought A Nikon D70 - then moved to second hand pro bodies (D2hs, D2x, D3) just for the passion of holding and using well engineered things. But the passion for photography was not there, all the magic I found in my early days had no returned: Digital had (almost) killed it .... ... Until I met the X-E1, Fuji colors, lenses and overall simplicity and rediscovered the simple pleasure of making images and memories again. For this I feel in debt with Fuji. 6 months later, december 2014 I sold all my Nikon gear and bought a X-T1, some nice lenses and the story continues...
  5. Another thing springs to mind: beware of lighting with the electronic shutter. Since the readout of the frame takes 1/15 second, any light flickering faster than that risk producing dark banding. I am thinking partly dimmed LED lighting. This could be an issue. That said, the mechanical shutter nose is nowhere near the noise produced by my old Nikon D2hs or D3.
  6. Following the uproar caused by the X-T1 4.0 firmware annoucement and the lack of corresponding ones for the other bodies, I am wondering if someone knows for a fact (not suspicion) what are the real hardware differences betweens these bodies; that could explain why some bodies do not receive the same amount of love than others, aside from the clear marketing/sales reasons When I was a Nikon shooter there were always some guys opening up the newly released bodies to see what the guts were made of but cuold not fine an equivalent for the Fuji line. Any ideas ?
  7. I would second Trenton's suggestions
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