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  1. I am inneed of some advise. I have both the xt2 and xpro2 and wish to get a flash sysrem. Which does this group feel is the best match; Godox AD200, Nissin or the Fuji x500. Thank everyone for your consideration. Jed Best
  2. Sorry for my typing error. It was done while walking. Below is the link to amazon for the eyepiece replacement. eyepiece for fujifilm pro2-jjc I have lost one of them and when I receive my replacement rom Fuji I placed as minuscule amount of super glue to hold it in place and haven't lost one since. I would just say that doing this is at your own risk. The lille I placed was such that I could remove it if and when I. sold the camera. Again, sorry for exchanging Elliot to Eric. Jed
  3. Please see Paul Eric Stern Blog. You can order compatible eyepieces on amazon via eyepieces compatible with fujifilm xpro2-jjc
  4. What I have done in the interim is get a rubber ring, like a busing that will fit within the trough. It at least removes the roughness of have that tough let open. Jed
  5. I was wondering if anyone besides myself has experienced the eyepiece from an X-Pro 2 coming off. The camera was not dropped or banged around but two days ago I noticed that the rubber eyepiece missing. It seems that Fuji considers it part of the body and does not sell the eyepiece separately as a part. Thanks Jed Best
  6. My XPro connecrs with my iPad but not my iPhone6. The wireless never is recognized by the phone. Does anyone have id as how to fix this. Thank you
  7. Is anyone else having an issue with the XPro 2 and the Fuji wireless apps on an IPhone 6. It works on my XT 1 but does not recognize the correct wireless address on my iPhone. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you in advance. Jed Best
  8. Works for me but I pressed pretty hard on the rear command dial. Jed
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