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  1. Hi everyone, recently discovered this site and I'm excited to be part of the community. Last year I got back into photography by purchasing a XT-30 with 23mm f/2. I made me remember how much I love taking photos with an actual camera. I do this as a hobby, mostly street photography, family, and travel. I'll shoot video sometimes, but I mainly bought into the Fuji system for pictures. I'm looking to build a lens kit. My priorities are weight, size, and cost. Right now I'm interested in the 16mm f/2.8 and 35 f/2. I'll wait on anything longer, as I feel this is my preferred range. Adorama has a sale right now on Fuji lenses, might take advantage of that. I will also most likely purchase the XT-4 as well if the specs are good. If it has articulating screen and IBIS I'm definitely in. Cheers!
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