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  1. Will be a good idea if Fuji takes out the 18mm 2.8 on X70 and make it a pancake lens.
  2. I am a Nikon shooter, I own several Nikon 28mm lens, like the 1.8G and 2.8AIS, they both very sharp and have reasonable price. But when I switch Fuji, I just couldn't find any 28mm equivalent lens is 80% as good as nikon's The 18mmF2 is good for street photograph, but not for landscape. The 18mm 2.8 on the 18-55mm is fine, but can not do close up. So far the best 18mm lens I could find for Fuji is the one on X70. It is sharp enough and able to do close up. I do hope it is a F2 lens though Some people may say the 16mm 1.4 is the best wide lens for Fuji, but for me, 24mm an
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