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    Am I missing something? It really sounds like you need to go buy an a6500 or something .... First the IBIS .... moores law doesn't apply to mechanical apparatus really .... any time you make a mechanical apparatus like IBIS smaller and smaller you also make it more and more delicate and prone to failure .... more importantly than that the fuji execs already covered this a long time ago ... the x mount and the sensor size don't have room to create an ibis apparatus without significant vignetting and you have options of OIS lenses, tripods, steady shot, etc already .... Now for the "fully articulated screen" .... I buy fuji cameras in part specifically because they do NOT feature these ridiculous twisty turney flexy bits that pop out the side of the camera ... they make the whole camera weaker and they take a classic looking design and make it ridiculous. .... the only thing I agree with here is the touch screen ..... it's just silly that it isn't there. As for "becoming another kodak" I think you're missing a huge, huge one here ..... a return to simple, purpose centric designs and exposed manual controls that harken back to a simpler time is the only reason that fuji still exists as a camera company. None of their futuristic ideas ever really took off .... people like me that want something with the tactile feel that they got from cameras they used 20 or 30 or more years ago are the only reason that the X series exists and the only reason that it has pulled the consumer camera division of this company back, nearly, from the dead. 
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