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  1. Problem solved, turned out all I needed to do was update the Firmware.
  2. I’ve used my 56mm for Astro before, the attached image is a single exposure straight out of camera, taken with my 56mm & XT-2. I tend to shoot at f2.8 as the vignetting at f1.2 makes Astro panos impossible. Also the chromatic abbreviation at f1.2 is less than ideal. Focus wise I go by the hyperbolics & check with live view (back button to zoom right in on a bright star). Never had any issues with focus drifting but I have had condensation buildup on the from element making it look like the lens is of of focus. PS, which 56mm are you using as Fujifilm make two, an expensive one and an even more expensive one, mine is the former.
  3. I’ve got a pair of XT-2 cameras, when I set the shutter speed to T and use the wheel on the back of once of the cameras I can set the exposure for several minutes but on the other camera I’m limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. Any suggestions as to why this could be? As far as I can tell I’ve got all the settings the same but I’m guessing I’ve missed something in one of the sub menus.
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