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  1. I use it heavily for macro shots and remote triggering. I also used it this weekend to control a time lapse since for some reasonm if I want to use the built in intervalometer, any interval that is longer than ~15 seconds causes the camera to just stop at about an hour or so in.
  2. Update, four different tests and all had similar results. Then I tried with the interval set to 15 seconds and it worked no problem. I talked to Fuji support and they are perplexed. Seems like it may be a software bug.
  3. Anyone have any experience using the intervalometer built in to the X-T3? I set it up to take a series of shots 44 seconds apart over an 11 hour span and after about an hour and bit it just stopped. Camera non-responsive. On off switch, no response. I had the camera plugged in via the USB port and it had power so it didn't shut off. When I popped the battery out and put it back in, all was fine. Did it three times with different settings and same result. Number of images ranged from 140 as high as 164 before it stopped. When I used my plugin remote to take the images the camera happily snapped away on schedule until I stopped it. It ran over 4 hours and never had an issue. I know it is not running out of power and it has two 128GB memory cards set to recird sequentially so it is not running out of space. I tried it with two different OEM batteries so I don't know if there is a setting I am missing or if this is a bug in the firmware or something else. They just replaced the mainboard about two weeks ago and everything (EVERYTHING) else in the camera works just fine. Better than fine actually. So .. anyone else play with this?
  4. Had a random lockup issue where the camera would stop responding altogether until I popped the battery out and put it back in after the 3.0 firmware update. Fuji replaced my mainboard as well. Its back now and I updated it to 3.2 without issues. It was updating via the app when it started having the problem. Now I update it loading the firmware on a memory card and installing it that way. I don't trust the app to do it and not encounter an issue.
  5. I've found an issue with my X-T3 and Godox's X2T where it will lock the camera up, not sure if that is the same issue you are having or if it is contributing or not. No trigger, no problem. Flash on camera, no problem.
  6. IBIS and lens OIS are absolutely wonderful to have but as Boessu mentioned, proper technique will take care of the need for IBIS. Holding the camera correctly and when there is a heavy lens, holding the lens with one hand while shooting, arms in close to the body will stabilize any camera. Then for shooting, keep your shutter speed fast enough to cover any shake you are introducing. The 1/focal length rule is a solid starting point to compensate for any shake that you introduce. IBIS and OIS allow you to more easily shoot at speeds slower than that BUT isn't absolutely needed to do so. Cameras for decades have not had any stabilization in them and millions upon millions of pictures have been taken that are tack sharp without it. Only two of my lens have OIS on them and I have never had IBIS in any body and I shoot weddings in low light all the time without any problems. I also shoot wildlife with long lens' and also have no problem. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
  7. Final update on this. Fuji service replaced the mainboard on my X-T3 as the OTA update to 3.1 appears to have corrupted it somehow. It took them 3 weeks to repair it and send it back but it is working great now. Put the new firmware on using the old school method and can see an improvement in focus speed now as well.
  8. Thanks guys. I reached out to Fuji service and they had me ship it for service and they are replacing the mainboard right now but I will check my cards as well. I can't remember if I was using the same set of cards each time it locked up or not but cards are cheap to replace so I will swap them just in case.
  9. I never had this issue until I applied the 3.01 firmware update and all of a sudden my camera is randomly locking up. Then I updated it to the currently latest version, 3.10 and it is still doing it. It has done it with my xf16-55 mounted, xf80 mounted and xf50-140 mounted. I've had Godox speedlights on it as well as a remote trigger and it has happened and it has happened without any speedlight or trigger attached. Batteries are Fuji batteries NPW-126S. When it locks up the camera goes completely non-responsive. Nothing shows in the EVF or on the back screen and the little orange indicator light in the thumb brace comes on and stays on. Turning it on and off does nothing. I have to pop the battery out. I've found no rhyme or reason as to when it happens. It just does. Sometimes multiple times in a row and then it will be fine for a while. Anyone have any insight? I wish I could go back to the firmware prior to 3.01 as it worked perfectly for me.
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