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  1. If your camera is an X-T20 then the auto-focus switch is on the front lower right (when looking at the front of the camera) and the shutter dial via the top plate while the aperture controls depend on the lens attached but usually via the lens ring. You may wish to download my free booklet from the Apple store "Fujifilm X-T20 Tips" which explains in a slightly different way to the manual how these controls work.
  2. Catalina introduced a new level of security. Try this: System Preferences > Security & Privacy, Privacy Tab Scroll down to Files and Folders and look for Lightroom If removable Volumes is not ticked then this is the probable cause of the problem - tick it. You MUST then click the lock (lower left) and put in your password else the change will not be registered. (I may have to put this in my booklet Fujifilm X-T20 Tips, free from Apple store) regards Rixy
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