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    Jonno got a reaction from teaandcake in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I moved to a subscription as it works out cheaper, and as you mention you have the advantage of the latest version although that does not guarantee that something does not get broken in an update. Looks like C1 have added a dehaze in V21and graphical pop ups for some of the tool tips with tutorials signposted. Useful especially in the layers tool.  I don't see the facial recognition you mentioned, think Adobe are ahead on those kind of features. C1s strengths for Fuji is the excellent output which is a gear ahead of LR from what I have experienced. 
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    Jonno got a reaction from teaandcake in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I have found one issue with v21 and that is the sessions getting confused with one another, ie even when the paths were set correct for a new session images would get saved in the output folder of the previous one. 
    I do think in many ways  C1 is over complex especially for what should be a simple thing, images in and images out. It is also incredibly slow to load images in as well ,for example 300 raws and jpegs well over ten minutes on a machine that is gen 8 i7 ,32 gb ram and nvidia1070ti 8 gig on board, this computer can get 70fps with the Toliss airbus in Xplane 11 with all the sliders to the right! C1 is certainly not well optimised.
    Having said that C1s output results are nothing short of superb, haven't found anything better and have tried most. It amazes me how much you can squeeze from a raf especially highlight recovery from bright over done skies. 
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    Jonno got a reaction from teaandcake in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I bought C1 Pro 20 perpetual licence for Fuji last January and was locked out of it this week after running out of activations and after it let me download and upgrade to version 21 which worked for 2 days. Extremely annoying as I didn't have the previous installer and wanted to process the first rafs from my new 100v. In any case and doing the maths a subscription is cheaper so I moved to this. For my Nikon D810 files I use DxO PL4 which is a perpetual licence and works out over the years of using it more expensive than an LR subscription so it seems to me that a subscription is the way to go for a lot of things these days. Thing is there is always an upgrade with something worthwhile having  with software and this is where a sub makes more sense. 
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    Jonno reacted to DaveC in Fuji XS 10   
    Jonno, I picked up my X-S10 yesterday and like you had some concerns regarding focus modes. My previous camera was an EOS M5 and I used auto focus but when I wanted to lock the focus I was able to press a button and go straight to Manual focus mode. I wanted to replicate this ability in my new camera and have found a solution. I have set the camera to Back Button Focus. I now press and release the AFON button for single auto-focus, press and hold the AFON button for continuous auto-focus and when the AFON button is not touched I am in manual focus mode without having to press any buttons. I used Back Button focus on my old Nikon D7000 and enjoyed using it so I hope the same for the X-S10.
    I have not tried it thoroughly yet as it has been raining all day and I am waiting to get out and experiment.
    If you want to know the settings let me know.
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    Jonno reacted to Greybeard in Fuji XS 10   
    Yes you can - here is the manual section that describes the functions that can be assigned to buttons:
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