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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Henning, originally from Germany now living in the US form many years (NY metropolitan area). I've been working in retail all my life selling mostly fine Swiss watches and a little while ago my store started to carry the Leica brand of cameras - which rekindled my interest in the art of photography. Now, although I respect Leica and their products, I do not see myself in this kind of league and after some research decided to let my really old and shoddy Pentax K100D rest and instead treated myself to something new - the X-T30. So far I am enjoying this camera very much and love the learning experience. This camera is with me most of the time lately. There is one thing I was wondering about... I have rather large hands and decided to add a bracket/grip for better handling. Is there a camera case that will accommodate the added grip? Maybe someone here has ideas/suggestions. Also, the other day I went to the beach at 6:00am to shoot some sunrise photos and it became clear that I need a much better tripod. The wind blew my 20 dollar piece of cr*p Amazon tripod over but luckily no damage to my Fuji. Any suggestions regarding a better tripod? I am a hobbyist and don't want to spend a fortune. My thoughts went to a used Manfrotto via ebay but are there good new options anybody can recommend? In any case, thanks for reading and happy shooting. Btw, I searched briefly on this forum about the case issue but couldn't find anything... Warm regards, Henning
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