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  1. Thanks, that is a very easy and quick way.
  2. I was able to spend time in Canada with the XT-1 and 14, 23, 35, 56 primes. Seemed like all I did was change a lens, take two steps and change a lens. Not fun. This fall I spent six weeks in Paris with the XT-1 and 16-55 plus 55-200. Each day started with the 16-55 mounted on camera and 55-200 at the ready. Walking all day with this setup was just great, I never got tired and the lenses covered all situations in encountered. Inside buildings I found that ISO 3200 and 6400 were very acceptable, and in some cases I tried some panos at f2.8, ISO 6400 at 1/60 sec. I have sold two of these already. The XT-1 is such a lovely camera and when I paired it with the lenses mentioned above it was the perfect combo for me.
  3. I hope I can help. Here is a very useful article on sharpening xTrans files. http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/ Yes it is a known problem, but the new Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.1 have made some improvements. Good Luck.
  4. Nice topic -- for me it is easy = 14, 23, 35, and 56. Sorry I am not very good with numbers.
  5. If you are going to have to rent, why not rent a X100 S or T and take the X-T1 with the 56mm. No lens changing and a backup camera. Those two focal lengths should serve you well. Enjoy your trip.
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