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  1. Thanks! I can confirm that this did work for me.
  2. Having the same issue on iPhone7 after updating to iOS14, I haven't updated the firmware though. As far as I can tell the app is no longer able to establish a WIFI connection with camera. That could be the case of latest security changes introduced in iOS 14. What I don't understand is how come this app makers not being able to test their app before the final release of iOS 14. They even released a bug fix update recently which didn't solve the issue.
  3. I just thought might be useful to share my experience here in case others got similar issue. After using X Pro 3 just for two weeks, all of the sudden the viewfinder got super bright light leak overlay on top of everything. It affects both EVF and OVF, by adding a super bright grey light. I'm not sure where this extra light is coming from, as dropping the brightness / reset all settings didn't help. I've returned the camera for repair, no updates yet.
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