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  1. I found the location fix for Android issue online and found that it was already enabled for my phone. Strangely, turning all of those off and back on again as well as restarting my phone fixed the issue and I can now use the app on my phone to transfer images as well as remotely triggering my camera (mind blown!).
  2. Hi, I've just bought an X-T2 and really enjoying it, but I'm struggling to get the wifi transfer working between the camera and my Samsung S8. I have the Camera remote app installed on my phone and have got a wifi connection between the camera and phone, but the app just sits in the 'connecting' status and eventually, the camera gives up and shows an error message. I bought the camera second-hand, so there were phone details already on there for an iPhone, but I've selected to connect using a new device. Any help would be appreciated! Jimmy
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