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  1. Oh I'm absolutely not trolling! 😇 😅 But thanks for the tour guide idea. Haven't thought about that! I will check that out
  2. Hi there, I'm Andy from Würzburg, Germany. I'm a Fuji-Guy for around 2 years and I shoot with a X-T1 plus the 10-24, 18-55 and 55-200. That's it. Right now I think I don't need nothing more. But time will tell I love nature and landscape photography. But sometimes I'm also taking some street, even I'm really bad at it 🤣 In this Forum, mostly I'm looking for inspiration and ideas. I'm not a gearhead at all^^ That should be enough for now. see ya
  3. Hi there, I’m newly registered to this side, but not new to the side. Still haven’t made my newbie-post. But first I wanted to get an idea from my chest. I’m from Würzburg, Germany. Frankonia to be exact. I’m shooting with Fuji for around 2 years and I’m looking for a personal project to shoot. But here comes my little problem. I love nature and landscape photography and Würzburg is soooooooooo boring If your not from here: Würzburg is a city with 130k citizens. We have lots of small towns around it and very much agriculture. The woodland is…. well, it’s not woodland, it’s more like commercial forest. The sea is around 600km away. So what to shoot? I think I have some good pictures made here and I still have some ideas for photos in my mind. But I want a longterm project. But with what topic? Würzburg is still boring. So I thought: Why not documenting the „boringness“ of Würzburg and especially the rural small villages around it? But how do I photograph boringness? Pictures of farms? Fields? Lonely streets? Dirt? :D I don’t know yet. But why am I this here? Even that I don’t know exactly. I think I just want another opinion from other photographers. I’m not a gear-guy. I’m more looking for ideas and inspiration. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe other photographers who did something similar? Books? I’m open to suggestions! Regards Andy
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