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  1. Why? This is an APS-C lens and likely not to have an image circle that will cover the medium format sensor.
  2. @VictorM I see you already got the X-E3 and I have this camera and love it. I also have the GFX50R which I think is a great landscape camera. It's big, it's heavy and therefore it is what I call my intentional camera, I pick it up when I'm going out specifically for a shoot. My X-E3 on the other hand is light and when over my shoulder easy to forget about, it my everyday carry everywhere camera.
  3. I get it @epscott you want a FF camera and you like Fuji and that's understandable. I agree with those who will say this was a business decision, the FF market place is saturated and has been for a while (before Panasonic jumped in). I'm an old Nikon shooter and would hate to see the company go under but that could be a real possibility. I think Fuji made the right move into affordable MF and I purchase a GFX50R after moving from Nikon to Sony but I'm now home with Fuji. I can't wait to get my hands of a GFX100S. @Herco I agree with much of what you wrote but in the end you went along with bigger is better. Realistically as sensor technology has improved it really hard to say that. Only when all things are equal or rather the exact same technology is used to build the sensor, then the large sensor with larger photo sites will have some degree of better low light sensitivity, that's it, really that's the only thing larger get's you in the IQ arena when all else is equal. What does bigger gets you is a different look, and this part has been true since the days of film and part of the reason I moved to MF. I love the look you get from the MF sensor of the GFX cameras but my 50R's sensor is getting a little long in the tooth and one could rightfully say that the newest Sony BSI stacked FF sensors are better and I would agree but they look like full frame. Will Fuji add a FF camera, well one should never say never but I don't see it anytime in the near future. Although a Fuji Nikon merger seems like a perfect match to me....
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