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  1. I have recently purchased an X-T3. For importing, editing and storing images for my other cameras an X-T1 and a Nikon D700 I have always used Apple Aperture. However Apple is no longer supporting Aperture with updates and will not recognise raw files from X-T3. My iMac is a 2011 27” model running IOS Yosemite operating software. As Aperture will not be usable with the X-T3, I am looking for a new workflow system. I have tried Capture one express but my iOS Yosemite on the Mac will not accept the newer versions of Capture one that I need for the X-T3. I would be interested on what other users recommend for their workflow and any ideas on if I can use my current I Mac or is it just a case of it’s obsolete and will need replacing. I am fully o Fay with photography but not great with computers.
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