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  1. Apologies for digressing on a niche subject but I just found an online video which shows that the X100V does feature the 4 different multiple exposure blending modes, so it's just the manual which is incorrect. see blending modes at approx 1:10.30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOVQ1xW3fw4
  2. Thanks for your reply. It seems that the X-Pro 3, X-T4 and X-E4 all now offer the same multiple exposure feature. Just waiting for this to be added to the X-100V and also for RAW final output. According to the manual the X-100V just has double exposure with basic blending modes although apparently internal processing is the same as X- PRO3. Looking at the firmware updates the expanded multiple exposure feature hasn't been added, not sure why? If you go to the trouble of producing a multiple exposure in the field then surely you're going to want to edit a RAW version of this file without any additional steps. This is what I would like anyway. Kind regards to all!
  3. Thanks for replying. It's nice to have the option of saving RAW individual files as part of a multiple exposure but I would rather determine an individual final file to be saved as RAW. Returning to software later to try and replicate the image isn't quite the same experience as in-field production. Perhaps final image saved as RAW can be requested as a firmware update although i'm not sure how to do that? It's great that Fuji have got at least this far with the feature.
  4. Hi, I understand that the x-pro 3 can now combine up to 9 exposures with different blending modes in-camera. I'm very interested in this feature for creative use for which I have had to depend upon Canon up until now. Reading through the manual doesn't answer all of my questions and there isn't currently a demo model available where I live. Can the final composite image be in raw file format or is jpeg only offered? Can multiple exposure be assigned to one of the function buttons? I would be very grateful if someone who has the new camera can contribute to our understanding of how Fujifilm have implemented the multiple exposure feature. I am sure that this can attract new users to the brand. Many thanks.
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