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    Geno got a reaction from Annie in Can't figure out why pictures are not crisp   
    I agree that your shutter speeds should have eliminated any blur from camera shake at those focal lengths.  However, it looks like your auto focus just missed a bit, and you probably should have stopped down to f/8 for both deeper depth of field and I suspect that your lens is probably sharper at f/8 as well.  Finally, I wouldn't use AF-S for a moving subject unless it is only lateral movement that wouldn't change the distance between you and the subject.  
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    Geno reacted to Roeland in Can't figure out why pictures are not crisp   
    AF-s focussing is best for not moving objects.
    AF-c is best used for moving objects, it keeps on focusing with every movement of the subject or the photographer, like the boat moving or the water falling from the rock.
    Regards, Roeland, x-t20
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