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  1. Does focus appear to have been achieved? If focus is struggling to lock and you have "focus" priority set instead of "release" priority, then the camera will wait on the AF.
  2. Thanks for your contribution toward helping the OP figure out his problem. Maybe he wasn't an entire football field away from his subjects. It doesn't look like it unless he did some very extensive cropping. Regardless, most consumer zooms that cover that large a focal length range generally aren't their sharpest when shot wide open, and it looks like he was probably either wide open or close to wide open on those shots.
  3. I agree that your shutter speeds should have eliminated any blur from camera shake at those focal lengths. However, it looks like your auto focus just missed a bit, and you probably should have stopped down to f/8 for both deeper depth of field and I suspect that your lens is probably sharper at f/8 as well. Finally, I wouldn't use AF-S for a moving subject unless it is only lateral movement that wouldn't change the distance between you and the subject.
  4. I certainly think it is worth buying, as I just ordered one yesterday with the 18-55. I'll swap the lens with the 27mm f/2.8 that I currently have on my x-t20. Image quality should be the same in an even more compact form factor. I'm gearing up to put together a good travel kit for an international trip next spring. I'll take my a7riii for the high res wide angle shots and I plan to carry at least one other body (possibly two) on the trip for the normal and short telephoto shots.
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