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  1. I managed to figure out the answer to this, for anyone else who has found their way to this thread with the same issue, heres the fix. You can't edit and save custom settings directly in the Q menu. Go to the camera menu, I.Q menu, page 3, edit/save custom settings. From there you can do exactly that.
  2. I've been trying to save 2 different colour presets onto my X100f. I've been inputting the presets for a HP5 acros look, and a kodachrome look based off classic chrome. I go into the Q menu, create the look on a custom setting, so for example the Hp5 look on C1. I then make the Kodachrome look on C2. The C1 Hp5 look is then deleted. What am I doing wrong? How do I save multiple colour profiles at the same time?
  3. I've been having issues locating 'USB raw converter' in the connections menu of my X100f. The option just doesn't seem to be there. When connecting my camera through USB into my laptop, I get the error message 'the connected camera is set to an incorrect connection mode' in Fujifilm Studio. Any ideas on how to locate the option in camera, to use the camera as a raw converter with Fujifilm Studio on my laptop. When I go to the connections menu on my camera, I see the following options - - Wireless settings - PC Auto Save Setting -Geotagging set-up -Instax printer connection settings
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