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  1. My apologies to everyone. I posted this question in Spanish to the Fujistas forum and then copied it here without thinking to write it in English... I have just bought a Godex V860 and I can't work out how to synchronise it with the second curtain on my X-T2. Despite leaving the 2nd curtain activated on the camera, when I shoot at 1/1000 it comes out as if I were taking the photo in synch with the 1st curtain. Do I have to activate something on the Godex?
  2. Alguien me puede explicar como activar la sincronizacion en 2a cortina en mi X-T2? A pesar de dejar activado el rear de 2a cortina, cuando disparo con 1/1000 me sale como si estuviera haciendo la foto en sincro con la 1a cortina . Tengo un Godox 860II tengo que activar algo ahi?
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