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  1. Thought i'd try this again, to see if recent Big Sur OS updates had made a difference. It still does not work, and to be honest I'm very disappointed in Fujifilm, that they have yet to fix this issue 8 months after the launch of the camera. With the recent announcement of the GH5 II, they really ought to get their act together, as other camera manufacturers are streets ahead in this area. While this software does work on Windows 10, the M1 Mac has caused a dramatic shift in the numbers of Mac OS devices, and this is something Fuji ignores at their Peril. Users will jump ship, if they feel a camera manufacturer has not updated its existing cameras on a regular basis. Fuji is lacking here recently, for instance, my premium X100V does not have the autofocus and interface updates the X-S10 enjoys, despite being identical internally.
  2. I have all three of the above cameras, and thought i'd do a side by side comparison. Spec as follows X-T4 - 1.6 million pixels X-S10 - 1 million pixels X-A7 - 2.7 million pixels Now, despite its great price, the X-A7 (and X-T200) have a 2.7k screen. It is a nice screen, but when I compared it to the X-S10 and X-T4 it looked lower resolution. I could see the pixels around the display overlay lettering, where as on the other cameras they were smooth. I guess this could just be antialiasing, with the faster hardware, but they just looked sharper, despite fewer pixels. Has anyone else noticed the 2.7k screen on the X-A7 / X-T200 does not quite look as high res as it should be?
  3. I suspect this is a bug, and Fuji will fix it at some point. There is clearly an issue, as the X-S10 is meant to work in the same way the X-T4 does as a web cam. The idea behind the x-a7 is quick and easy 720p plug in and play web cam. While its not 1080p, its far superior to a C920 web cam. The Logitech C920 is pretty much the industry standard too! Fingers crossed for that fix some time soon!
  4. I'm using PC, and it definitely works, just so control over settings in the app or camera. With the X Webcam option in the cameras menu, I find it hard to believe that Fuji said it was not supported?
  5. It does work, but the camera is in fully automatic mode and the shutter and aperture are all over the place, even with studio lighting! This is a serious issue that Fuji need to address!
  6. Seems the X Web Cam mode on the S10 is broken. The app has no control over the camera and when connected to my PC, I have zero control over the aperture or shutter. The camera is locked in P mode and even with fixed lighting, the exposure changes and hunts around. Has anyone else had more luck?
  7. Shame the X-T30 didnt have one! I bet we see and X-T40 this year, with the same screen. Its welcome, but after investing in an X-T30 I dont think I could afford another camera!
  8. Thanks! Will check those out. In the mean time I have a big 25000mah portable power brick, to keep it running for long shoots!
  9. I found this as a direct replacement for the NP-W126S https://www.duracelldirect.co.uk/digital-camera/fujifilm/oem-pno/np-w126s.html Are there any others I can use. Duracell do do another battery https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duracell-DRFW126-Rechargeable-Lithium-Ion-Battery/dp/B01GJZLHJC/ But this is the none S version, that has reduced capacity, especially for video? As the genuine batteries are so expensive, i'm looking for recommendations for a cheaper alternative
  10. I'm new to this camera and was looking for an autofocus subject tracking mode in video, as tracking in stills mode is supported. I've come to fuji cameras from using Canon kit, namely the 70d and M50, both of which supported subject tracking by simply clicking on an object using the touch screen. For example, if you wanted to video a pet running, subject tracking is very advantageous. As I understand it, my fuji doesnt support this, except in stills mode. I wonder, do folks here think this is possible with a firmware update? I beleive Sony added similar tracking options to the A6400 this way..
  11. Hiya, I'm Natalie, and kinda new to Fuji mirrorless cameras, although thats not strictly true as the first camera I had was a fujifilm MX1500. I recently picked up a Fuji X-T30 in the black friday sale and have been learning how to use it. I'm a seasoned Canon veteran, and still have an EOS M50 too, plus plenty canon glass. Anyway, i'm from the UK, and just thought i'd say hi
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