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  1. Anyone using the 16-80 on an X-E series camera? I generally shoot landscape and use an X-T3 with 10-24 / 16-55 / 40-140 and the 33 f1.4. with my X-E3 as my daily camera, only the 33 f1.4 feels reasonable on the body and I've used the 18-55 and thought it felt good, but would appreciate a little more reach. I'm interested in the 16-80 for general use but worry about the lens weight. Anyone use this combo and care to share?
  2. X-T3 with 50-140 +1.4 converter. Someplace in Northern Iceland.
  3. I had an X30, an X70 and a Panasonic LX100 as candidates for a small daily shooter. The lack of an EVF quickly took the X70 off the list. I love the concept of the LX100 having a larger sensor, but it's not a "fuji" shooting experience and power zoom lenses dust traps. The X30 sensor is small and kinda dismal, and the body size is a bit hard to justify compared the the X70. i'd allow myself to be punched in the throat for an LX100 / X30 concept with fixed manual zoom and a focus ring in an X-E4 size body / sensor even if it cropped on of the sensor. considering the Sony RX100 has a 1inch sensor with a dust magnet of a power zoom lens in a lousy shooting experience compared to Fuji and sell it pretty damn , for 1200 EUR, well suggests there is a market for expanding of the X30 concept. I don't feel like carrying an X-T3 or 4 or X-H1 around with me all the time, but i think Fuji has treated the fixed zoom lens products as a "bridge camera" instead of a solid "daily carry" camera.
  4. Hi. Everett here, a US Expat in Berlin Germany since 2013. I focus mainly on landscape photography but dabble in architecture, and switched from Micro 4/3 (predominately Olympus) gear completely over to Fuji in early 2019 with an XT3 with grip, the holy trinity of zooms and 35mm 1.4 as well as an old X70 for a daily banger. To be honest, Sony was going to be my choice but I couldn’t justify the lens size, prices and I felt like I was using a computer instead of a camera. Fuji still feels like a camera and has a terrific lens line up and system overall. Happy to be here.
  5. This is the set up that I’m currently running. My XT3 with battery grip / wide zoom / 16-50 and 50-140 is what I lug around for landscape. If I’m doing anything else, I’ve got a 35mm on it, but at the end of the day it’s still too large to consider a daily runner so I recently got the old X70, which has a great lens and more than acceptable IQ. I have or had both the Panasonic LX100 and Sony RX100 and they both have serious sensor and lens dust issues and are more frustrating to shoot with than my Fuji. The downside for most might be the 28mm equivalent focal length, the lens hunts a bit during autofocusing in some conditions and lack of EVF. If you shoot street and are / or inclined to learn zone focusing, it’s great. The other reality is the X70 is stable in price. If you buy it and use it for a bit and don’t like it, it’s resale value will be nearly identical for a lot longer than a newish camera. there is the new X-S10 Fuji camera coming out which logically sounds like something in the same category of what you and I are looking for, and shy of that, from Fuji, from a size to IQ perspective, X70 is quite good.
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