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  1. Hoped Viltrox would meet their December deadline for the prime lenses but didn't actually expect them to - disappointed but also frustrated by the lack of information from them re any revised launch dates. Personally, I'm keen to test the 33mm one because the 85mm has been a bargain and I love it. Guessing there's less urgency for them to get these to market now that the Xmas run-up has passed - I imagine that's when many items are bought as presents. Let's hope that doesn't mean they are pencilling in Easter as the new deadline! Not sure I'd wait that long.
  2. Today Fuji finally acknowledged there's a problem with their online claim application software. Taken them a while to see what was in front of their noses but it's a step in the right direction nevertheless: Unfortunately we are experiencing unexpected problems with the claim form for Fujifilm Battery Grip Promotion. The issue will be shortly resolved.Please try again within several working days. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any queries, please contact our customer service team at: fujifilm@promotion-support.com Kind regards, Miglena Antonova Fujifilm
  3. I'm really pleased I have found this site because it appears others are experiencing the same frustrations as me with regards to obtaining cashback/battery grip for the X-T3 which I bought recently. Not happy that others are unhappy but glad to see my problems are not unique by any means. I emailed support at Fuji but the reply I got didn't address any of my points about how their website fails to let me register my legitimate claims. I replied to their email explaining yet again the issues but have failed to get a response so far - it doesn't help that there is no phone helpline for Fuji UK apparently in relation to their promotions. For a major company like Fuji to get this so wrong is pretty poor to say the least and I think their attempt to lure customers with this promotion will result in making those very people (like me) think twice before deciding to buy from them in the future.
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