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  1. I have yet to hear or see of this issue anywhere. It would have a big impact on whether I buy one or not. I know this seems fundamental, and I've been guilty of it too on my XP1 so no reproach intended -did you thank the cap off the lens? Remember that the EVF is a TTL view.
  2. This really helped! You touched on a few things that you really can't judge playing with the camera in the store. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm new to this site. I switched from Canon to Fuji in 2014. After using the X-E1, the X-T10, and the X-Pro1, plus a plethora of legacy and XF lenses, I now have only the X-H1 for my all rounder and my cherished X100f for life. I love the little thing. Recently however the X-Pro3 caught my attention. I shoot with the LCD off 95% of the time so the idea of new "hidden" LCD appealed aesthetically and since I shot film for 20+ years prior to my foray into digital I've really never bothered composing with the LCD but for those rare crowd and ground view landscape shots. Yet I'd likely have to sell one of my Fujiis to get the XP3. Since a stroke the IBIS on the X-H1 has helped, especially for birding tele-lenses, so I might have to part with my beloved X100f. Regarding the X-Pro3, apart from the aesthetic appeal, is the IQ from the next generation sensor really better? Are the OTC jpegs better? Is the new OVF limiting given it will not frame beyond 23mm? Thanks for your help!
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