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  1. I’m currently looking to buy a 1:1 lens for my fuji. I really enjoy macro but am having a hard time making a decision on which lens: Zeiss Touit 50mm 2.8 macro Or Fujifilm 80mm 2.8 macro What are your thoughts? Which would you buy and why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Gilzuma

    18-135 mm or 55-200 mm lens?

    I don't know if I'm too late to the conversation, but here goes anyways. I recently went to Paris, Marseille, and Switzerland on the trip of a lifetime. It was short trip, but amazing. I'm so glad that I had the 18-55, 55-200 and Rokinon 12mm. I used the Rokinon 12mm for a lot of landscapes (just like you would with your 10-24) The 55-200 was great for those times when I wanted the extra reach. The lens wasn't heavy so I wasn't too concerned about carrying it all day. The 18-55 was nice all around walking about lens. It was also great for going indoors as it is relatively bright (2.8-4.0) and is very light. Personally I would buy the 55-200 over the 18-135 again. The 18-135 is a bit bulky and a little heavier. It's not as bright for indoor shots and not quite as sharp (based on the reviews I've read) especially at the longest end (which is the whole point of the extra reach right?). Also the 55-200 has an extra 65mm of reach... or in full frame terms, nearly 100mm. Good luck! But no matter what you do, you'll end up with great stuff, because fuji don't make no crap!
  3. So excited! I want to be the first in line! Any idea's on how much it will cost?
  4. My Number One wish - is weather sealing. Number two - Tilting screen Number thee - joystick for autofocus point Number four - manual/auto switch (for those times that you pass off your camera to friends...) I'd love for the X-E3 to have the ISO dial the same as the X-Pro2 - with an extra setting for control using buttons (for those who don't like it)...
  5. Gilzuma

    Stop-Motion wedding film shot on X-T1

    That was awesome. My wife loves it too! She said we should do this for our 25th celebration in a few years!
  6. I'd go for the x-pro2... once I have the money... the x-e2 will cover me for now!
  7. I wonder what will be included in the update... zone focus... silent electronic shutter...
  8. Gilzuma

    All around the world

    Thanks Olli. They are whale sharks, and I got lucky! Definitely come and visit, it's the second largest aquarium in the world.
  9. Gilzuma

    All around the world

    This is from the aquarium in Okinawa. Some of my first pics using my new (used) fuji x-e2!
  10. Gilzuma

    Your X Lens wishlist

    I'd love a 50-150 f4 lens. Something smaller and lighter than the 2.8 that is out now. Also love a 35mm f2.8 1:1 macro lens like Pentax has too.