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  1. I have always hold the thought that the H2 should be more free to be larger to support higher end ports like a full HDMI port, and seeing the C70 have mini XLR ports for audio. 

    At first with the smaller XPSC sensor I thought the XC10 style body (without the built in lens) will be very suitable option as well. A rotating grip that benefits a video shooter, still large enough to add internal ND filters and maybe still enough space for the ports mentioned before. 

    Seeing the XT4 got larger and moved in the direction of the "perfect" hybrid camera that can do both photo and video, even though the only thing left is to have an even larger grip that the X-H series cameras have as an advantage over the X-T line. This is not enough and I still think the move on the XT4 makes the possibility of the X-H series to move higher in to cinema realm. 
    (fan, no over heating, unlimited recording)

    MAYBE the C70 is over kill and too large for an ASPC sensor so do consider the XC10 size comparison here https://camerasize.com/compact/#615,772,ha,f that the size doesnt really increase that much but gain many more benefits with the ports once again. (Its not as wide but its definitely going to be a longer body for sure)

    Do not im not thinking of the exact same body but just a similar theme of larger body to have room for a more capable video camera. 


  2. saw a few videos on image "bit rates" and see that Jpegs are kinda out dated, thought that maybe cameras like fuji with users that may not shoot raw would benefit in a file format that's higher bit rates for better color quality. (i do notice it especially in the blue skys not having smooth color transitions but still got a negative response that higher bit rates are just a waste of memory space and only for editing) - things like phones that we mostly consume images wont matter. (I disagree for our phones are also getting better with better colors going up to 4k and more dynamic color quality that it would/should make a difference. 
    then here comes this video by "tony & chelsea Northrump" making a video "jpg cost you thousands: lets change it" video talking about moving on from Jpeg. and there's really no down sides besides added up front cost in return to get more quality photos in the long run. 

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