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  1. I'm playing around with my command dial settings, and thinking about whether I want to set one of my functions to shutter speed. I shoot mostly in aperture priority (i.e. I let the camera choose the shutter speed for me while I control aperture and ISO), but there are of course occasions where I want to dial in a specific shutter speed. If I'm using the command dial (with the shutter speed dial selected to "T"), if I want to jump back to auto shutter speed, I have to move my hand to the shutter speed knob, unlock it, turn two positions to "A", lock, move my hand back to grip... I'm wondering if there's a faster (like, one button press) method for getting back to auto shutter speed, while retaining the command dial function when I want to dial in a specific shutter speed. Hope my question makes sense! I struggled with the wording a bit... Thanks!
  2. Possibly a really naive question, but what is the third option on the Command Dial setting? I've watched a bunch of tutorials on customizing the camera for use of the command dial, and I've found zero videos where anyone has set the "3" option to anything other than "none." I get how the dial can change from the "1" setting/option to the "2" setting/option by pressing the button (it acts as a toggle), but how do you get to the "3" option? Do you press a second time to act as a double toggle (i.e. it will cycle through the first, second, and third settings? Does anyone here have some fun ways they're using this setup? I currently have "1" set to f-stop, and "2" to exposure compensation. I don't really *need* to mess with that mix as it's working for me, but I'm always on the lookout for tips and tricks! Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm messing around with the different options for the view mode (via the viewmode button), but I can't get the setup I want: basically, I want to keep the rear LCD off at all times except when I press the play, menu, or Q button. Is this possible? Is there a custom setting somewhere I'm not toggling correctly? Thanks for suggestions!
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