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  1. If the subject is for example 2m away, the camera shows a focus distance of about 4m. This is valid for any other distance. I tried it with different subjects and get always the same results. Using AF or manual focus peaking, the resulting photo is sharp, it is the focus indicator in the viewfinder that's incorrect. Has anyone the same problem?
  2. I have a focus problem with my XF 10-24mm lens. If I manually focus, using the hyper-focal distance, at 10mm and f11, the resulting image is only sharp in the centre. If I set the focus close to infinity, the whole image is sharp. In both cases the distance indicator shows front to back sharpness. I have to focus very carefully to get a sharp result. This is my second lens which is better than the first one I had but at 10mm I should be able to get a sharp result no matter what distance is selected. Has anyone the same problems?
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  5. I use it all the time for landscape or macro shots.
  6. I almost never use the screen on my X-T3. In direct sunlight it is impossible to see anything on it. The flip screen is good, keeps it clean - you get no smears on it...!
  7. One expects flawless lenses in this price range! It would probably be acceptable with third party lenses. My lens shows refocused areas at 10mm, makes it useless to me!
  8. I think I found a solution to that. In the stacking settings, I set the number of frames to a very large setting. Then I check the incoming photos to determine when to stop the stacking process. Not perfect but good enough.
  9. When focus stacking an object one does not always know how many frames are required. I thought the best solution was to tether the camera with my laptop and Capture One, take a certain number of frames, say 20, review the last frame on my laptop and if required add another 20 frames until the desired depth of field is reached. Unfortunately as i found out, after the first set of frames the camera resets the focus point to the first frame. That means the following additional sets all have the same focus starting point. Is there a way around it? It is quite annoying if you take 100 frames or more and notice afterwards that you need some additional ones and have to start all over again. it is a waste of time. Has nobody a suggestion?
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