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  1. I can't disagree with you on that, "itchy", and wouldn't be surprised if you were right. I passed on the X- E3 in hopes of a 4, so trying to stay positive on what they may come up with.
  2. Ah yes, thank you jaxphotocat... Agreed, I forgot to mention the X-E4 needs the 26 MP sensor. I put a case on my old X-E1and a thumb rest to create a better grip. I'm a big guy with big hands. Sure like the compactness of the X-E series over the XPro-3. Interesting thought about full-frame X100.
  3. No sooner did I ask if anyone had heard anything about the X-E4, Fuji Rumors says it will be coming out during the first quarter of next year! (did he read my forum question and ask someone "in the know"?). I'm going to be on pins and needles until then with my brain conjuring up all sorts of wish list items. But still, I don't want to see it overloaded with gadgets, bells and whistles.
  4. Anybody heard any further word on an X-E4? I'm disappointed the X-S10 wasn't an X-E4. (Not really liking the X-S10 - not retro enough for me and obviously not a rangefinder style. Looks like any other of its competitors. I guess that's for another discussion thread).
  5. © Gary R. Smith, photographer

  6. © Gary R. Smith, photographer

  7. © Gary R. Smith, photographer

  8. Thumbs up to Itchy Shutter Finger. I agree with all he said. 👍 Put IBS and weather sealing on it and call it good. As "Itchy" said, "...XE users love those cameras because of what isn't on them."
  9. I was aiming for an X-E4, dang it all. Now where do I go? If you can believe it, I'm still with my X-E1. I've taken care of it over the years, it's in great shape, and it has served me well having taken over ten thousand photos with it. It was a bit small for my big hands so I bought a half case and thumb rest- that makes it darn near the right size for what I want to do. I'm a retired semi-pro. The small size and my small lenses have been great for hauling around from here to Europe. The picture quality still amazes me at 16MP with enlargements to 16 x 24 easy. But despite my lov
  10. Yes, I surely hope the GFX deals come back as I was planning on buying one. But I just couldn't get the funds together in time to beat the deadline. I would hate to see them keep the price high as that adds another $1,000 and eliminates me from buying one. I will be looking at a full frame camera unless the prices come down again. I hate to do that as I have been a Fuji user for a number of years now having come from Nikon. Is it back to Nikon now? I can't imagine Fuji would not go back to the sale prices. They were on sale for such a long period time I'm surprised they ended it, an
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