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    hifimacianer got a reaction from sotone in 23mm f2 - on backorder from the pre-order?   
    I think many of the smaller shops around the country also have an online shop!?
    There is more than Amazon, B&H or Adorama where you can shop online.
    I ordered mine 2 days prior to the official release date. The small retailer is aprox 200km away from me, but he has an online shop too.
    It arrived on saturday.
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    hifimacianer got a reaction from marcelo_valente in Spain in September. My turn to ask advice on travel kit.   
    I would suggest to take the 12, 18-55 and 35 with you. Maybe the tiny 27mm if you want to have a small walkaround package for crowded citys.
    I also own the 50-230 - but it's the least used of my lenses.
    We did a 3 week US west-coast roundtrip last year, and I only used the 50-230 for a few shots.
    But that may be a personal preference.
    The 18-55 is the lens I use most of the time, because it's versatile and has a great IQ.
    I use my 14mm and the 35mm for special scenes or in low light conditions.
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