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  1. Is it the plastic piece that is "attached" to the rubber eyecup or the mount that you slide the plastic piece with the eyecup on to attach to the camera? I had the plastic piece break on my XT1 recently and found a replacement (third party unfortunately but just about the same) on Amazon that fits and works just as well
  2. Hi everyone! I'm sure that topic got your attention since I know there are a lot of amazing people here that have lots of experience and are ready to help other. Excited to be part of this forum. Just to introduce myself, my name is Albert and I'm from Canada. I originally shot many years with Nikon (as a hobbyist), but finally made a full jump to Fuji last year. I've always had an X100 and I loved shooting with it. It was just simple, intuitive and fun to use but was always hesitant to change to a new system. I was amazed at Fuji's support for the X100 with new firmware years after its release and knew that I would switch over to Fuji someday. Amazing company. That switch came last year in the form of used XT1 and a 35 f1.4 off Craigslist and I haven't looked back since. So here I am, hoping to share my (limited) experiences and to learn more from everyone. Oh ya, and I still love using my X100 despite all its quirks.
  3. Another option is to consider possibly the previous generation of the x series which you could probably get at a good price and save more for a lens. Honestly, if you're planning to do video, then looking at the current gen cameras is quite tempting, but typically for photos, you can produce amazing photos with any of the previous gen x series. There aren't any real duds in the Fuji lineup. I'm still happy with the photos that I get with my xt1 and use it much more often even though I have an xt2. Same with my x100. Depends on what you are looking for I guess.
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