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    le boecere reacted to jlmphotos in 23mm f2 and 27mm f2.8   
    Unfortunately, it is not fast enough on my XT1.  On my XH1 it's a bit faster.  For the grandkids I'll sometimes use my XT1 or XH1 with my 16mm 1.4 or 23 1.4.  I love those two lenses.
    If I'm shooting their soccer matches I'll use the 50-140 2.8
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    le boecere reacted to jlmphotos in 23mm f2 and 27mm f2.8   
    I own several lenses ( as you can see in my signature) and I LOOOOOVE my 27mm 2.8 "pancake".  It's sharp and fast enough for me.  I use that lens, and my 2014 Fuji XT1 as a daily carry to the office and around in the car and it's a very compact, and sweet setup when I don't want to schlep the XH1 or any of the GFX gear.
    The 27mm is a wonderful lens as long as you aren't planning on shooting fast moving action with it (which I don't) except for my four grandkids.
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    le boecere reacted to docmartin in 23mm f2 and 27mm f2.8   
    27mm=40mm FF = very natural view, and the tiny Fuji 27mm is one of their best lenses.
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    le boecere reacted to Peters Dad in X-E4 Rumor   
    I can't disagree with you on that, "itchy", and wouldn't be surprised if you were right.  I passed on the X- E3 in hopes of a 4, so trying to stay positive on what they may come up with.
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    le boecere reacted to Peters Dad in X-E4 Rumor   
    Thumbs up to Itchy Shutter Finger.  I agree with all he said. 👍
    Put IBS and weather sealing on it and call it good.  
    As "Itchy" said, "...XE users love those cameras because of what isn't on them."
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    le boecere reacted to rex176 in Have you used Instax SP-3 printer with X-E3?   
    If yes, I've got a couple of questions.
    Is connecting the camera to the printer quick, easy, and reliable, or is it like connecting to Camera Remote, which is slow, painful, and unreliable? If I set the crop mode on the camera to square and transfer the photo to the printer, is it the square crop I see in the viewfinder and image review the same as what the Instax printer uses? Thanks.
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    le boecere got a reaction from THEGRADUATE in X-E4 Rumor   
    Like both of your suggestions.  The X-E2IV is the camera that provides me with the most fun, since "film" ~ however, I'll need an RX100V tilt screen on the X-E4, or I'll keep using the Sony's for more serious photography.
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    le boecere reacted to Herco in How good is the improved lens on 100V?   
    I’m not sure that the new lens has less resolution. The ‘old lens’ was designed for a 12/16Mp sensor. I’ve once read that Fuji designs the current XF lenses for approx. 32Mp max.
    Nevertheless I can tell you the new lens is a clear step up. The ‘close focus haze’ is gone and that alone was for me a big improvement compaed to the The typical corner softness is mostly gone and visually I’d say that the V is now at least as good as the XF23/f2 (if not better). Having said that, the XF23/f1.4 still ‘beats’ the two f2’s. In contrast, micro contrast, color rendering and overall sharpness.
    The question is where do you use it for? Typical street and reporting photography often doesn’t need razor sharp corners. Portability and inconspicuous format are more important. The Summicrons and the Voigtlanders aren’t perfect either, but they have a kind of ‘magic’ that the X100-series has too. I think you can call that ‘sprezzatura’ (the imperfection that makes perfect). For pixel peepers and e.g. critical landscape and archtecture work I’d recommend the 1.4.
    However, dpreview.com has X100V sample RAF-files you can download and peep for yourself. They also did a good comparison of IQ between the V and the F.
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    le boecere reacted to Woolverton in X70: For how many shutter releases was it designed?   
    I believe this comparison is incorrect.
    The X70, and it’s X100 sisters, have leaf shutter whereas the interchangeable lens X-cameras have focal plane shutters. 
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    le boecere got a reaction from Herco in Please Fuji, come back...   
    Welcome to the forum, Herco.  I'm replying because I'm much older, yet your concerns are mine, and better stated than I might have been able to write.  A couple of your phrases might be a clue as to what could be happening to Fujifilm cameras:
    "All stills photography, almost no video."  Me too, but I think there are only two or three other Fujifilm stills shooters left in Western civilization, and a half-dozen traditional photographers will not sustain any camera company.  I believe the camera-market fashion has moved to "video", and cell-phone features (i.e.;selfie touch-screen).  
    You also give your age at 57 years.  I've read that the historic success of the X-100 and X-Pro1 was because they were designed and marketed by "photographers".  I believe that most post-modern companies are now run by people under 35, and I've got to believe that if they happen to be photographers, "camera" means cell-phone, "view-finder" means selfie, and "photography" means video ~ and their plan is to market their products to their own demographic market (under 35 years of age).
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    le boecere reacted to itchy shutter finger in X-E4 Rumor   
    I am elated to hear the X-E4 might be back on the roadmap. I am very excited the form factor lives.
    Fujifilm, please remember, the X-E is MINIMALIST. We know you can put nearly un-imaginable features in a camera, but you already did that to about a dozen other models. I think X-E users love those cameras because of what isn't on them. 
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    le boecere reacted to andrei89 in Please Fuji, come back...   
    yes and no
    IMO, sony started this craze for video specs in photo cameras - yes, canon 5d2 was the first to have decent video specs but sony kept pushing more and more outrageous specs. if a camera doesn't film 4k now it a POS, although the processing power needed to edit 4k is out of the reach of many people, not to mention that most people (including me) watch content in 1080
    remaining competitive and relevant on the market now requires manufacturers to make, basically, hybrid video/photo cameras. reviews matter, if only a little bit, in a company's stock value. i really believe the widespread appreciation of fuji's x100v, for example, resulted in a stock price increase, and that's what matters ultimately
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    le boecere reacted to mbart in Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)   
    Reflections by sgt.floydpepper.hh, auf Flickr
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    le boecere reacted to Glyno in Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)   
    This is my first post, Hello!
    A few miles from where I live is the Dee Estuary, the River Dee being the original border of England and Wales. On the English side is the village of Heswall and the river there consists mainly of mud flats. I've posted a small selection of photos I took earlier today of some abandoned boats in various states of disrepair. This is one of those places where I always think better photos can be had when the weather is a bit more on the gloomy side. Unfortunately, today has been warm and sunny!
    boat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    boat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    cabin by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    boat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    boat at heswall, detail by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    skipper by Glyn Morton, on Flickr
    Thanks very much for looking,
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    le boecere reacted to Watcher24 in Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)   

    sang & rouille - armada of camelot by Christoph, auf Flickr  
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    le boecere reacted to Watcher24 in Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)   

    jeté sur la côte - armada of camelot by me@flickr
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    le boecere reacted to itchy shutter finger in Please Fuji, come back...   
    This would be my opinion.
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    le boecere reacted to mdm in Lockdown photography   
    These days they tends to talk about 16mm, but it's just not enough.)
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    le boecere reacted to andrei89 in Please Fuji, come back...   
    i think there are still many more pure photographers out there (only interested in photos, that is) than hybrid shooters
    however, the latter are quite vocal and the platform they're on - youtube - is encouraging video rather than photo shooting whereas photographers have many platforms on which to show their work but none are even at half the level youtube is at, meaning monetisation, encouraging originality, dealing with fraud and so on
    that is why, in my opinion, all camera companies have to and will embrace video features to be able to sell their products (forget leica, they are too niche)...we who don't care about video just have to suck it up
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    le boecere reacted to rghoag1 in X-E2: ‘! Switch off-Switch on’ message.   
    Happened with my XE1 and 35f 1.4. Cleaned contacts , solved the problem. 
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    le boecere reacted to mdm in Lockdown photography   
    X-E2 + 14f2.8
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    le boecere reacted to jlmphotos in Fujifilm X-T camera type only for stills   
    I'd love that thought.  Between my XT1, XT2, and XH1 I have used the video function no more than five times in seven years of ownership.  Now I own the GFX 50r and why the hell does that beast have video!?  It makes absolutely no sense other than to satisfy a few users who must have video. I have never liked video, and don't even shoot video with my iPhone.
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    le boecere reacted to Lumens in Fujifilm X-T camera type only for stills   
    YES, YES, YES!!  The direction Fuji has taken lately has been all for video and AF at the expense of ISO performance.  Forget about producing good stills, I'm not so sure they care.  The XT-2 was much better than the XT-3 and so far all I see is Fuji stepping back from image quality for the sake of AF and video.
    The "XH" series was supposed to mean "Hybrid" for both video and stills while the "XT" line was supposed to continue to be a camera, not a camcorder.   Now the XT-4 is simply the XH-2 in disguise.
    I will be using my XT-2 & XT-3 much longer than I expected from what I am seeing lately and that's a good thing because I love those two cameras.
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    le boecere reacted to tractorboyx in Please Fuji, come back...   
    Wow, this is what I have been thinking for sometime.
    The earlier cameras were photography tool's, mostly everything in front of you, cameras for taking photos.
    Unfortunately I don't believe there will be a H2 as they have ignored the H1 after taking people's hard earned money.
    It's a shame my love affair with Fuji is fading.
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    le boecere reacted to Herco in Please Fuji, come back...   
    Let me first introduce myself. 57 years and amateur photographer since the age of 12, although with intervals. My passion lies with portrait, fashion, street and urban landscape. All stills photography, almost no video.
    I started with an Olympus OM1 (which I still have and occasionally use) but have been around the block: from Olympus to Nikon to Pentax to Minolta to Canon and Leica. I took a few years off of photography, until someone lend me his X-Pro1 for a day. It reminded me of my M6 and M8. The X-Pro1 was far from perfect. However the camera grew on me and the image quality was so beautiful that it kept me wanting to shoot more.
    When the X-Pro2 came along I immediately upgraded and after a year or so I added an X-T2, which later on I swapped for an X-H1. The X-H1 is a bit big for Fuji standards, but after the EOS 5D its a breeze. In the meanwhile I own 9 XF lenses. Mostly primes, but also the 16-55 (hence the X-H1 for its IBIS). 90mm is the longest focal length I need (and have).
    For me the X-H1 also marks the transition point of Fujifilm. From this point onwards Fuji started to lose me. Let me explain.
    First of all next to the X-T10/20/30 Fuji launched the X-T100/200 line rendering the beautiful X-E line redundant and from what I hear, repealed soon. I understand the commercial viability of video capabilities and a DSLR-style over a rangefinder-style, but speaking of crowded market segments...
    Next to that Fuji launched the X-T3 only a few months after introducing the X-H1. I would have understood this if the hybrid X-H1 had the 26Mp sensor soon followed by the X-T3 with a similar sensor. But cannibalizing a flagship model within half a year or so, dramatically drop its price and discard of any meaningful firmware update for more than 1.5 years, is an insult to buyers. That kind of corporate behaviour is what we previously accused Nikon, Canon and Sony for, but they’ve bettered their lifes. 
    It seems that history is repeating itself with the new X-T4 versus the X-T3. In a few years Fuji went from “video as an after-thougth” to “video-first”. There’s little progress in the X-T4 when it comes to stills. You could even say some degress: the fully articulating screen is not for stills photographers. Occasionally ‘killing your darlings’ is part of progress, but this almost feels like leaving a group of customers behind.
    In the meanwhile Fuji also launched the X-Pro3. I can dig dropping the d-pad and the reversed tilted screen. The titanium top- and bottom plates are a nice touch, but add little to the quality of the camera. What I can’t understand is getting rid of the dual magnification for the OVF. That renders any lens wider than 23mm or longer than 50mm useless in combination with the OVF, which is the main attraction of the X-Pro3. Leica already understood this decades ago...
    Probably Fuji’s best matured camera is the X100V. The style, new lens and tilted screen has defined today’s ultimate street camera. In fact I even consider swapping my beloved X-Pro2 for an X100V. The X100V shows that clearly defining a product line and improve and innovate on a regular basis is a better strategy than creating new and mixing existing product lines. It also makes it easier to maintain a stable pricing strategy.
    My hope is now on the X-H2 to restore ratio in Fuji’s product line-up and break with the recent ‘video-first’ mantra. However, considering the X-H was meant to be the hybrid stills/video camera, I fear the worst. I guess I’m part of a dying breed but Fuji please don’t make me want to buy an A7R...
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