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  1. Here is another pic with distance Frome the out of focus background. It looks like a blur effect in photoshop. This lens suck, I just moved to Fuji from Nikon and i’m disappointed, with Nikon it looked much better :( i’m really surprised you don’t see that... but thanks anyway
  2. I will expect it will look like a nice soft out of focus and not blurry like a low shutter speed smeared movement. You really don't see that the out of focus areas looks bad? like a shoot while walking or something. Look at the hand, it doesn't look like a normal out of focus, it looks like a low shutter moment blur. IDK maybe it how it's supposed be with this lens, i'm disappointed with this optical performance
  3. Hey, So I bought the fuji XT-3 camera and a 23mm F2 R WR lens and the out of focus areas of my picture looks bad, they look blurry and smeared although I'm shooting on height shutter. Is that the lens out of focus/bokeh quality or is there a problem? I fell like it's not supposed to be like that, it's looks bad. I took a few pictures to try and show you what i mean. all the photos was taken in open aperture and above 1/125
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