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  1. yup, but as far as I know, in some cases people was rejected with warranty rights about replacing rubber and doors for free (they was told, it`s their fault, used the camera in wrong conditions). So the best option, I guess, wait untill covering come up (and then decide if you want to void the warranty), or, if it`s not come up then try to replace it by warranty service (for free or pay for it) anyway.
  2. Hi everybody! FYI I`ve been folowing this theme http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/55230494 for quite a long time and I can insure you, there are lot of people with the same problem. On top of that there is a loose rubber issue too. It`s not present on my cameras as much as on some people cameras over there. Speaking about the door, on one of my cameras (bought it this February) is begining to bend a little, even though we have smth. like 20-25*C max. About the rubber on the body in general, I used one camera, got it at my local Fujifilm press-center (or whatever you wanna call it), it was messy in terms of "bowed doors and loose rubber". I don`t know how many people actually used it before me, but shutter count was about 5-6k as far as I remember. (And we all know how people use things that doesn`t belong to them) So let`s get it like "bad scenario", reporter`s camera or whatever That time (september 2014) I got my 5DMarkII for 6 years, I guess, and I never expirienced smth. like this. Furthermore, as far as I know from my nikon-shooting-friends, there were some issues with the rubber coverings for some time, but nikon somehow managed to solve the problem. But, you know, I sold all of my Canon gear and, despite the rubber issues, got me X-T1 anyway, because x100 and x100s were actually great freakin` cameras for my taste already. And little bit more information for all you guys wondering, what should you do eventually: I contacted one guy from Japan (http://www.aki-asahi.com/) he is producing custom camera coverings for many cameras, and he is actually really nice guy to talk to. Right now he`s little bit busy, but later this year he is going to look into producing custom covering for our beloved X-T1. (And hell yeah, it`s gonna be leather covering, I suppose). Till that time I`m going to use my cameras anyway, work and fun doesn`t wait, right? And if things get really messy till that time, or it`s going to take so long (so my warranty expire) I`m going to replace everything or at least the door at Fujifilm. I hope I helped somebody with the decision. Have a nice day! P.S. Here you go the photos of that camera from Fujifilm press centre. (found in in archive)
  3. Hi guys! Just tested three lenses: 10-24mm - didn`t tested AF-C+Wide/Tracking yet, but Single point and Zone are really fast. (it was fast because of wide angle and hyperfocal distance, but now it is just got blazing fast) 23mm - less(or almost No) hunting in single AS-S+Single point mode (at 1.4 in dim light). Overall sensitivity boost (0.5EV) helps I guess. 50-140mm - actually it was ok before, but now even better at all AF-C modes. Also, looking for eye detection testing this evening in the studio. Overall opinion: Great boost! Keep up the good work Fujifilm!
  4. Hi guys! I got: 10-24 23 1.4 50-140 Wondering for fast ultrawide (mean wider than 16mm) something like 9mm, 10mm at least 2.8. Or new 10-24 WR 2.8 kinda. Maybe 23mm WR? (But in a video about 16mm on youtube, guy from Fujifilm Australia said that, there is no problem to shoot 23mm 1.4 in the rain so it`s not a big deal I guess used them abused them, no problem so far) And of course, some sort of ultra fast prime would be interesting to have, smth. like 33 F0,95. It`s possible, optical schemes are already exist so yeah, why not. Tilt-shift, at least few of them. And fisheye from FUJI, not rokinon etc.
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